Thursday, December 27, 2012


What a wonderful fun Christmas!  We had a great time. The above picture was taken Christmas Eve when the kids were getting ready to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special.  I really was pleased with the presents I found - I mean Santa found for Luke and Stella.  They received  books from my favorite illustrator, Bernadette Watts.  Look her up.   She is amazing.  Land of Nod had great toys including puppets and instruments.  And I even gave a lot of thought to their stocking stuffers getting really cute items on Etsy like cute little felt masks and wooded woodland creatures.   I had so much fun shopping for them and have really enjoyed playing with the new toys and reading the new books.  I told everyone who asked just to get them books for Christmas and they received some great ones.

I made this delicious breakfast casserole for Christmas morning and a not so delicious Pumpkin trifle for dessert on Christmas day.  I don't think I am trifle person but I am most definitely a smoked salmon person. 

Yesterday we had good friends visit for the most of the day until late and it was so relaxing. Thai food takeout was a real treat.   I just love this time of year .

Today I was able to do a little sewing.  I am making the explorer vest from oliver + s little things to sew.  I love the book though this is only the second thing I have tried.  I loved how the hooded cape on the cover came out.   It was Stella's Halloween costume which is on my blog banner.   I really want to make so many other things in the book.  I have a little ways to go on the vest since I am such a slow sewer.  This morning I  just cut a little fabric and got two pockets on but it felt great. 

I was looking forward to going on a date with my husband  tonight when a cold came on hard and fast.  So now the date is off and I am laying in bed doing what I do best when I am sick  - research.  I had napped earlier and have only been at it a short time.  I just discovered this online magazine.  I can't read it but I enjoy looking at the pictures. 

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