Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Stop On the Hanami Tester's Tour

At the risk of sounding like a huge dork (and using the work dork might be dorkie in itself), this is the most exciting blog post I have written.  Today I get to be part of the StaightGrain Hanami Tester's Tour.  I was so lucky to quickly respond to An when she requested pattern testers back in March for her bubble dress.  As a result I was able to test that pattern, her Tinny dress, and now the Hanami.  They are all such wonderful patterns in every way possible: clear detailed instructions, detailed pictures, and wonderful designs.  Here is a picture of An's beautiful daughter wearing a Hanami top with details about the pattern.

In the past week I have seen so many beautiful versions of the Hanami, I really want to try everyone of the options now.  For the first one I chose to do a cross back dress.  I am pretty much in the fall sewing mode now so I chose a corduroy with the hopes of getting a shirt underneath.  We  have cold falls here in Maine.  I used Denyse Schmidt Chicopee Corduroy.  I love how it came out.  I lined it with a cute little house fabric (oops can't find what it is called - sorry).  The dress is fitted and looks perfect without a shirt so I was surprised that Stella can wear a shirt under it as well and the dress still looks great.  Are you ready for picture overload?

It is hard in the pictures to see the vintage looking buttons (from Joann's) that I used or the lining so here is a picture of the dress on the hanger.

This pattern (along with the other StraightGrain patterns) can be purchased here.  And if for some reason you didn't get to see the other dresses on the blog tour you must go to StraightGrain and start looking around.  I think there may be something like 40 blogs on this tour and many bloggers made more than one.  I know I am a slacker.  Thank you for visiting my stop on the tour!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Perfect Weekend

I really love making pillows now but this will be the last one for a little while I  think.  The three I made this summer were for a Facebook Pay It Forward thingy.  Here is the last one.  I used the Diamond  pillow cover pattern by Amanda from Crazy Mom Quilts as a guideline.  I didn't want to do a binding (since my favorite thing about pillows is no binding) so I added a border and made my squares (which aren't really squares now) smaller. One thing I really love about this pattern is the directions for the envelope backing.   I folded  the back pieces in half  instead of hemming.  It makes the back feel sturdier and look better.   I am not sure what the fabric I used is called.  I have had it for over 5 years.  The quilting was fun.  I made loopey dupes.  I am not sure if there is really name for it but I am going with loopey dupes..  I was just having fun and trying something different for me.  It is kind of hard to see in the picture. 

 My afternoons this weekend (while my little cuties slept) I was busy with this pillow.  And the morning were spent at our favorite beach.  We like to get there early (by 8) when hardly one is there and eat our breakfast at the beach.  I made my favorite breakfast cake.  Friday I made these recipes and ate yummy leftovers this weekend too.  Family time outdoors, baking, yummy food, and sewing really made this a perfect weekend.  My food pictures stink (I don't even try anymore) so here are some pictures from the beach.  

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Friday, August 23, 2013

New Hexie Pillow

Well I had planned on finishing this pillow last Friday but I had a few problems sewing the hexies together this time and I ended up finishing it today.  This pillow is very similar to this one that I made.  I again followed the directions from this magazine for the top of the pillow, used Good Fortune Charm squares, and Angela's tutorial for the envelope enclosure (I think the next one I will be able to do without instructions).  This time I used invisable thread to sew the hexies together.  I had to sew them twice because after the first time they ripped apart.  I didn't have this problem the first time so I am uncertain if it is me or the thread.  I hope they stay together because this pillow is a gift.  Has anyone else had a tricky experience with invisible thread?  This time I used a lighter background and quilted in a matching color.  I think I like it better than using a contrasting color like I did the last time.  I do enjoy making pillows.  It is like making a little quilt without the fuss of binding.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WIP Wednesday and Quilt Festival

I started a little pillow this morning.  I hoped to have all these hexies sewed together today but I know now that won't happen until tomorrow.  I am going to make a pillow like this one.  I sort of feel like I should try something new but I am in the mood to make something easy and something that doesn't require much thought.  And I really enjoyed making the other pillow.  It will be a gift though I wouldn't mind one for myself.

I put the Hawaiian quilt away.  I wasn't into it.  And I have so many things I am excited to make why spend time on something I am iffy about.  I just finished making something for Stella but I can't show it yet.  And now I want to spend the rest of the month taking a break from making kids clothes and spending time on some patchwork quilty projects.  Going to the Lowell Quilt Festival this past Saturday certainly inspired me.

                                                        quilt by Manuella Chevrel

This was my favorite quilt at the show.  It is named "Dream" and is by Manuella Chevrel.  I tried to find her online to see if she has a blog or is on flickr.  I would love to see more of her work.  And I wanted to ask her if she minded me showing this.  But I couldn't find her.  If anyone knows of her online please let me know.  Here are some close-ups so you can see more of how special this quilt is:

                                          quilt by Manuella Chevrel

                                               quilt by Manuella Chevrel

                                              quilt by  Manuella Chevrel

 I see many quilts at quilt shows that I admire and then I see quilts that I think "This is the kind of quilt I want to make".  I have some finishing up of quilts though I really really want to do before I start a new one.  I wonder how much finishing I can get done before I start on Halloween costumes and fall clothes.  

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Edited to add on 8/23/13:  I am so thrilled to have heard from Manuella Chevrel.  I had found her on Google Connect but was not sure it was really her until she wrote me back.  She gave me permission to show her work on my blog and let me know that she made this whole quilt by hand.  Wow.  She also wrote to me that she will have her own blog soon.  I can't wait.  I really love how crafts have connected me with women all over the world.  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Boy Sewing is Fun!

Here is Luke's new outfit.  I used Oliver and S Sketchbook shirt and shorts pattern.  I loved it.  The shorts are essex linen in leather.  The shirt is Michael Miller lil Dino fabric. The shirt (size 5) fits perfect.  The shorts (size 5) are a little big just like all his store bought size fives.  Hopefully he can wear the shorts next summer since it is already August.

This started out as total guilt sewing.  I make so much more for Stella.  Luke really wanted a dinosaur bathing suit.  I thought maybe next summer I'd make him a bathing suit (when I am better at sewing) but I knew I could make him this shirt. And I don't feel like I can just make a shirt.  I feel compelled to make a matching bottom.   I wasn't really into this outfit at first.  I kept thinking of all the other things I wanted to make.  But when I put the shirt on him halfway through.and it looked so cute, I became very excited.  And he was very happy too.  My boy is actually pretty opinionated and picky so him liking it means a lot.  Now I think sewing boys clothes is really fun.

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