Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vintage Jacket

As you can see I was able to find some buttons for Stella's jacket and finish it.  I had it almost done two weeks ago but had to wait for some buttons to arrive from Germany.  Here is where I found them.  I am pretty happy with them though I wish the trim was silver instead of gold.

This is the first vintage pattern I have made.  It is Simplicity 6812 and is from 1966.  It is a size 3. I should have made it back in March so she could wear it a little more but I think I must have become busy with birthday stuff.  Then I realized it was a size 3 and I thought I better just go ahead and do it.  It is a little big so it is possible it could fit her next spring.  It should fit in the fall but I don't think it would be suitable for fall with the white collar.

The fabric is some cotton polyester blend seersucker I bought online.  I can't remember where.  I probably should have had the stripes going up and down but I thought the sideways looked more little girlish.  

I was nervous to make this because I read somewhere vintage pattern's  sewing instructions aren't as detailed as today's patterns.  And it wasn't detailed but it wasn't too bad.  But the view I made (view 3) seemed lacking in explanation.  So I didn't really follow a lot of the instructions and sort of winged it.  The area under the collar doesn't lay that nicely but otherwise it came out pretty decently.  I actually love it just because I love the stye and the collar with the trim. 

I have been buying other vintage patterns so I do hope to make some more. I seriously can't even look at them without buying them.  Even if I never make them I love just looking at the envelope.  This one is no different and you can see cover here