Monday, November 3, 2014

three finishes

Just a quick post to show some finished projects. Sorry about the grainy I-phone photos but that is the best I can do right now.  And if you follow me on IG you have seen all these photos already :)

I made this little fox from the kit by Alicia Paulson.  I love her patterns and everything she makes so much.  I actually have bought all the kits for the animals but this is only the second one I made.  I'll give it to Luke for his birthday on Thursday.  He loves foxes.

These mittens I finished Saturday.  I should put them on Ravelry but I am very behind with that. ( I have a cowl I finished weeks ago that I didn't list and haven't even taken a picture of it).  It is from this book.  I used the Martha Stewart extra soft wool blend yarn.  I made the size small and instead of pink button eyes (they weren't working for me) I did brown little x's.  And I used my clover pom pom maker to make a really big tail.  They look a little deformed in this picture the way Stella is wearing them but they really are cute.

And these PJ's were a lot of fun to make this weekend.  At the end of the summer Janice asked me what size my daughter was and then generously mailed me two sets of fabric all cut out to make two different Oliver and S patterns (her daughter grew before she could sew  them).  Tracing patterns and cutting fabric is not my favorite part of sewing.  It was so fun just to delve right in.  These are the bedtime story pajamas from Oliver and S in a size 4.  I don't know anything about the fabric except that it is soft, cozy, and beautiful.  Stella really loves them. She is normally a three so they are large which I think is great.  She can wear them at least two years.   I've always wanted to do pajamas for the kids and now I have for one of them :)  They were super easy to sew too.  Though I think the sleeves were so easy - I took me a couple minutes to figure it out.

Today I am starting on a school days coat for Luke.  I didn't think I was into sew alongs but I am glad I am doing it now.   I think today I would have done some cleaning or something else not as fun if not for this sew a long.  Hopefully I'll be back with some coat pictures soon.