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Welcome to my blog!  I have been here for a short time now and I am really enjoying blogging.  I started this blog because crafting is a such a huge part of my life. I could not imagine crafting without reading all the inspirational craft blogs out there.  I really wanted a chance to connect with other people who are like me. 

I love sewing, quilting, knitting and crochet.  I have done a little embroidery, paper crafting, and cake decorating  too.  Most times when I see a craft I do not do, I immediately want to try it. Crafting with my kids is also a big part of our day.  My son is always wanting to make something.  I guess he takes after me.  I also enjoy decorating, canning, baking, and cooking.

My blog is called Beanniequilts because when I was little my nickname was Beannie.  And when I first started this blog I was mostly just quilting.  These days I think mostly sew clothes for my kids but I am always wanting to quilt too.  

I live in a coastal town in Maine in the United States with my husband, son, and daughter.  We don't have a dog currently but I am most definitely a dog person and look forward to getting one when it is a good time for us.  My husband did see a mouse in the garage the other day.   I have always been a little afraid of mice but I have decided to make the best of it.  My son has named him Thomas and we are calling him our pet.  But we are not feeding him and would not mind it if he goes back to the woods.

Here are some of my favorite things:

going to the beach
Craft/decorating books and magazines
living in a place that has seasons
fair isle
snow storms

Hitchcock furniture

Indian Food
apple and berry picking

my kids' books especially the Beatrix Potter, Bernadette Watts, and Eloise Wilkin books
molasses cookies
tea pots
making soups and chowders
lady bugs
Liberty of London
visiting farms
smoked salmon
long walks
my kindle
old books
English Mysteries

and many more things that I am sure to mention in this blog.

The best part of blogging is connecting with others.  I love love love comments and would be happy to be emailed too.  You can email me at 

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