Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Love

I really love December.  Everything we do as a family just seems more festive this time of year, even me making a special breakfast.  And my definition of a special breakfast is something other than toast, cereal, or a frozen waffle.  Yesterday I made baked oatmeal.  My husband and I love it.  The kids still turn up their noses at most things I make, but someday when they actually put it in their mouth, I know they will love it too.  I don't eat bananas so I just used apples instead.  My favorite was to make it is with peaches but we were all out. 

We finally finished decorating out tree.  I love love love our Christmas tree.  Some people may find it a little sad looking because the branches are a little scarce in some areas but it is our tree with our collection of ornaments and colored lights so I think it is very special.  I love our tree skirt.  My Grandma Joie made it when I was a child and I always had it on my tree growing up.  My grandma always made lots of Christmas items with sequins and I always thought they were so beautiful.  I still do.  My mom gave the tree skirt to me many years ago and it always make our tree so special.  This year I put it on with a heavy heart.  My Grandma Joie  passed away in August.  I am sad but know I am lucky to have so many beautiful things she made to remember her by. 

Baking is something we do all year round.  And I love that Luke can help me with it and look forward to baking with Stella too.  Baking this time of year is just extra special.  Yesterday was a first for me and for Luke.  We made dog biscuits. We made them for our neighbor dog and for my step-brother's family's dog.   I chose peanut butter banana ones.  I won't the link the recipe because the dough was just so awfully sticky that I am not making those again.  We still had a great time.  The best part was walking next door and having Luke deliver them.  It was so cute.  Here is a picture of the mess.

I have made Luke an apron but he uses it in his play kitchen.  I don't like him to wear it when we bake because I don't want it to get dirty.  That doesn't really make sense.  I think will have to make him another apron for the purpose of getting dirty. 

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