Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Candles

I thought that since there isn't much crafting going on this month I would show you my favorite non-homemade Christmas decorations.  These are so cute and special that I would probably show them even if I did have lots of crafting things to post about.

Around the time I started dating my husband I had read this article in Martha Stewart and instantly loved the candles pictured.  Then I was over Matt's parents house and saw the candles that were in the article.  They had so many of them.  I learned that my father-in-law's father had created the molds to make these candles.

I can't remember if it was that same year that I saw reproductions in the Vermont Country Store catalog or if it was the next year.  Or maybe it was many years later.  Now that I think about we bought our first ones  at the Vermont Country Store when we were living in Vermont and that was after we were married.  My mom had bought the other ones for me.

I love that even though these are reproductions our family has a special connection to them.  This Christmas I have to keep these decorations away from my little cuties because they might end up damaging them by accident.  But I imagine when they are older and these decorations are more in their view that they will love them too.

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