Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Wednesday

Well today is a very fun filled happy Wednesday.  I have had a cold for the last few days and haven't been feeling very well or very productive.  While I enjoy staying home and probably prefer to stay home, I like to be able to get off the couch or if I am on the couch at least feel up to knitting.  But even though I am not 100 percent today I have been very productive doing things I enjoy.

Brunswick Stew (a new to me recipe) is in the crock pot.  It would be a little cuter if it was on the stove in my red dutch oven, but if I really want to get dinner on the table during the week I need my trusty crock pot.  I baked Italian bread.  I have completed some chores.  The chores are not so enjoyable but needed to be done.  Nap time was short today but I was able to knit a few rows.  I am working on a sweater for my Stella girl.  I will write more about that later.  And these have been the two highlights to my day so far:

Decorating a gingerbread house with Luke for the first time.  I don't remember doing this as a child and I am not sure I even have ever decorated a gingerbread house before.  I definitely want this to be a tradition with my family.  Luke was mostly interested in eating the candy and frosting but he still had fun.  And now we have it as another favorite Christmas decoration. 

The second highlight are Stella's new tights.  You can't see them really well in this picture but they are so cute that I can't stand it.  I ordered them from Hannah Anderson (along with her dress but that is not new).  So she didn't get in on the gingerbread decorating but she did get new tights.

I haven't had a chance to look at my new magazine yet but I am about to.  My plan until dinner is to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special  with the kids on the couch and read my magazine.  I am looking forward to it.

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Annette - "MyRoseValley" said...

Look at that cutie. What a adorable little Scandi shirt! Love your quilt. I want to see more of that.