Monday, December 17, 2012

Gingerbread Men

Well it has been a busy super fun  past few days.  Saturday we had a family Christmas party.  I made Cranberry Buttermilk  Breakfast Cake.  It is so delicious and easy to make.  Stella wore a super cute new dress and tights.  I am slightly obsessed with pretty patterned tights at the moment.  Luke behaved really well.  He just turned three and is super active so taking him places can be exhausting.  But we were thrilled that he was very manageable.

Yesterday was a nice day at home for the four of us.  Our new thing is to watch Homeland on demand while the kids nap.  I knit of course while we watch.  Matt and I rarely get to watch TV together so it very exciting now that we found a show worth watching.  After nap time I could have gone down to the cellar (my crafting area) and sewed but I really wanted more time together as a family.  So I stayed in the living room and we all watched The Princess Bride.  I love that movie.  So there was no sewing this past weekend and only a tiny bit of knitting but I did get to do some paper crafting with Luke.

     We made these cute little gingerbread men. Luke loved it. I have a Cricut and was able to cut all the paper with it.  I love my Cricut.  I wanted to get it for card making and scrapbooking.  But I have hardly scrapbooked or made cards with it.  When I have time for crafting I am just more drawn to knitting, sewing, quilting, or crochet than making cards or scrapbook pages.  But I have loved having my Cricut to make decorations especially with Luke.  Lately when he gets up in the morning he says,  "Let's make decorations".  We did snowmen garland last week but I don't have a picture at the moment.

  We woke up this morning to snow and had to play outside.  We also baked and decorated Christmas sugar cookies. I just love that Luke is old enough to do the cookies with me.   Today was so much fun and flew by.  It is funny how just a little time outside and the cookies really takes up the whole day -  in between cleaning, laundry,  throwing dinner (beef stew) in the crockpot, diapers, baths, and meals.  I love being busy but I was thrilled for a little quiet and a little knitting at nap time.  Rain is in the forecast so our little snow man probably won't make it but I am looking forward to many more days of playing outside this winter.  Okay I am looking forward to more cookies too.

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Annette - "MyRoseValley" said...

Thanks for sharing the link on the Breakfast cake. Looks yum. Keep up you good work. Happy to see you here.