Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

We have been having the most wonderful relaxing holiday vacation.  My husband has only had to work one day and it has been so fun being all together as a family.  I took the picture above yesterday.  Luke loves to "decorate" with his toys and often announces "I am decorating." He makes his mama so proud.   That is Stella's little hand trying to redecorate.  Last night we had a date and the kids had a sleepover at my in-laws.  The first time we did that was this past summer and this was the second time. It was a wonderful Christmas present.  We had Indian food (my favorite) and watched Moonrise Kingdom (beautiful movie).  This morning we went out for a delicious breakfast to a little diner.   And tonight we will do our New Year's tradition of Chinese food and a horror movie.  We are really indulging but we are on vacation.

I have never been a big fan of the New Year's resolutions but I do feel like I do have some changes I would like to make this year.  They fit in two categories -

This category is pretty boring but here goes:
1. drink more water
2. eat more fruit and vegetables
3. eat less junk
4. less sugar in the tea
5. get more exercise
Those are pretty vague goals.  I don't know if that is good or bad or if it even matters.

This is the exciting category:
1. make more clothes for my kids.
2. get better at sewing
3. knit more
4 get better at knitting  (I am already signed up for a class in two weeks)
5 complete my needle felt kit (hopefully before Easter since it is an Easter decoration)
6 make more quilts
7 get better at quilting
8 crochet a blanket
9 begin and complete cross-stitch sampler (I signed up for this)
10 make more stuff to cozy up our home like bunting and pillows etc
This list is also vague but I am happy with it.

I am really excited for the all the crafty wonderfullness I hope to do this year.  The crafty homemaking part of my life is so important to me.  I have real dreams where I am making stuff.  So now  I am off to the cellar to hopefully finish Luke's vest.  Happy New Year! 

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