Saturday, February 23, 2013

Simple Sewn Gifts

This is the latest craft book I have bought.  It is Simple Sewn Gifts by Helen Philipps.  She has a new book out.  This isn't her new one which is called Pretty Patchwork Gifts.  I am trying to get caught up and will be getting it soon.   This book has so many beautiful projects in it.  I have quite a few gifts I do need to make people and I plan to make many of the projects in this book.  Here are three of my favorite projects.

I have been wanting to make my kids stockings since they were born.  I haven't found one that I really felt like I had to make until I saw this one.

This doll quilt will be the first project in the book that I will make.  My niece turns two in two months and I think this doll quilt will be perfect.  It has little patches of cross-stitch on it.  Cross-stitch and I have had a rough start but I think these little patches are so small that it would be a great new starting point.  I already have a few yo-yo's made without a purpose and I think this quilt will be perfect.

I have been wanting to make a doll or stuffed animal of some kind for a long time now.  It is one of goals for this year to finally make one.  I am not sure who I will give this to.  Maybe the bunny will be a gift to me.  I think he would like to sit in the rocker on my porch. 

This is such a lovely book.  But I know you can already tell from what I have shown. 


Eva Martin said...

Wow ! It is a gorgeous book. I love everything Helen does and I was also looking to buy her new book.


Helen Philipps said...

Thank you so much for this lovely book review! I hope you enjoy all your new projects and have fun making them.
Wishing you a happy week.
Helen x

Eva Martin said...

Wow ! That was really sweet of Helen.
Christine, you got an award at my blog, please stop by and collect your award !