Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Liebster Award

I won my first blog award!  I am so excited.  I think it is an award for bloggers with less that 200 followers to help more people find them.  And if you found me, I am so happy you are here.  

This award was given to me by Eva who is super talented and has a beautiful blog that you better go look at if you haven't seen it yet. 

So now as the award dictates I will tell you 11 facts about me.  I tried to give facts that aren't on my more about me page. 

1. I am allergic to most animals (including dogs) and the list keeps growing.
2. I love animals.
3.  I have had two dogs in my adult life and plan to get another when we have room.
4. I have my Masters in Social Work.
5. I work two days a week as a clinical social worker.
6. My first sewing machine (which was pretty basic)  was an impulse internet purchase when I finished graduate school and started working.
7. Before I had kids,  I worked occasionally as a farm feeder and used that money to buy my current sewing machine (it does automatic buttonholes and has decorative stitches).
8. I love to make puppets with my kids and do puppet shows.
9.  We are starting to make costumes and do plays to.
10. I love ice cream.
11.  I tried making ice cream once and it was gross.

Here are Eva's questions and my answers:

1. Which country would you live in if you had the choice ? Why ?  I think I would stay where I am now in the United States.  I love the town I live in.  It is on the coast but not too far from some cities.  And our family is here.  I don't think I could be happier anywhere else.  I am sorry to have such a boring answer.
2. If you were to have your last drink, what would that be ? I don't drink alcohol so it would have to be a chocolate milkshake.
3. If you were a season, what would that be ?  This is a tough question since I love them all.  Probably the fall.
4. What is your earliest memory of crafting ? Do you remember what you made ? I remember in the first grade we made what I think was called a scented spice rope.   We braided yarn which was when I learned how to braid.  I had forgotten all about it until just now.
5. What is the film you have watched over and over and still could watch over and over  and how many time you have watched it so far ?  The Sound of Music
6. What is your favourite book ever ? The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro.
7. What is your favourite colour ? I can't pick one.  Red and blue are tied for first place.
8. Which time of the day is 'your' crafting time ? Very early in the morning every day.  When I am not working nap time is my crafting time too.
9. If you had to interview a 'crafting' or blogging 'hero' for you, who would that be ? This is also a tie.  I would love to interview quilters Sarah Fielke or Mary from Molly Flanders.
10. Louis Vouiton or Cath Kidston ? This is the easiest question.  Cath Kidston!
11. When it comes to interior do you go for: Modern or Traditional ? neither-I go for a country/cottage style. 

Here are my 11 nominees:
1.Sharon @ Sweet Peas and Pumpkins
2. Grace @ Fun Little Things
3. Chigu @ Chigu's Handmade Time
4. Delilah @ Love.Laugh.Sew.
5. Where is my Instruction Manual
6. Carmel @ Solomon Sewing
7. Emma Louisa @ Emma's Bloglet
8.Nana @ Ein Quilt für die Rechte der Frauen!
9. Lisa @ Stuff Mommy Makes
10. Cristali Designs
11. Cindy @ Siestas and Sewing

And here are my 11 questions:

1.  What is/are your favorite craft book(s)?
2. What are your favorite craft magazines?
3. What are your favorite craft materials ( ex. what are your favorite fabrics, yarns, threads)?
4. Do you have a favorite gift that you made someone? What is it?
5. Do you have a favorite handmade gift that you received? What is it?
6. What is your favorite room in your home and why?
7. What TV show can you not miss?
8. Did you have a favorite toy as a child or have a favorite toy that belongs to your child? What is it?
9. Which do you prefer? Mountains or the ocean?
10. What is your favorite cookie?
11. Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes?

I can't wait to read everyone's answers and get to know everyone better.
Thank you Eva for picking me!  I think you should have to answer my questions too :)

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Eva Martin said...

Hi Christine,

I knew you would be CK over LV, I would too !!
You are right in the I should also answer your questions . . . I also go that feeling, that the person that nominates you should also answer your questions.

Maybe one day ! he,he .

Congrats on your new followers !