Monday, February 4, 2013

Decoupage Hearts How To

We did a really fun project this morning.  I didn't really have much time to prepare so I quickly cut hearts out of cardboard.  I didn't even trace the heart first.  I thought rustic hearts would be just fine.  Then I cut and ripped some scrapbook paper in little bits.  I used mostly pink with a little white/multicolored thrown in.  They would like great in lots of colors.  That is just what I had on top of my pile.  The kids brushed Mod Podge (which I learned is non-toxic) on the cardboard.  Then spread with scraps.  They really needed help to get the cardboard covered.  Then they brushed another coat of mod podge on.  I did the last two coats (after each one dried - I waited about 15 minutes) because I already had everything cleaned up and didn't want to clean again.  I let the kids pose with them without the ribbon because I had a feeling that they would try to rip the ribbon off.  I have a ton of ribbon but only one that I would look okay with the hearts.  I tied the ribbon in the loop and duck taped it to the back of the hearts.  

I love that my kids love to make crafts.  I might enjoy these projects more than they do and I certainly love how they make the house look.  We just hung these a little while ago and Luke keeps smiling at them. 

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Country Maison (Eva) said...

They look just lovely Christine.
Any scrap paper would do or did you use a particular kind ? I just don't know what the equivalent to Mod Podge would be in Spain. . . I have seen lots of things using Mod Podge in Pinterest and always wondered. . .hummm I think I will google it.
Did you add this fun idea to Pinterest ?