Monday, February 11, 2013

Before I Blogged Part 1

Well it is going to be a while before I have any new finished projects to share.  I am really trying to get caught up to this mystery monthly cross stitch sampler I am doing and I am so slow at cross stitching.  I don't know why I chose my first cross stitch project to be something really big.  But the pattern is so cute I know it will be worth it and I am enjoying trying something new.  It is just taking so long.  And then I am working on Luke's quilt but it hasn't been good sleeping nights here so I haven't been able to get up early to work on it.  And then I have those mittens too but I haven't worked on them in a week!

 Eva recently suggested I show some of my older quilts.  And I will but I have such cute pictures of Stella from her first birthday that I thought I would show these makings instead:

Before Stella was born I made her this matching jacket and pants out of some flannel from my local quilt shop (Kathie's).  I used this pattern and this pattern by Jackie Clark.  Both patterns were easy and I would like to make another outfit for Stella with them.   I did put her in the outfit the fall after she was born but it didn't really fit well until she was a year old.  I really wanted to make her some presents for her birthday.  Two of the presents matched her outfit. 

The bunny was given to Stella for her first Christmas by her Aunt Dawn.  She came wearing a brown linen looking dress.  Some friends on facebook had given me the idea to do a matching outfit.  So I took apart the dress she came in and figured out how to make a new dress with some leftover flannel.  And I was so happy that I had so much left over flannel because I was able to make this bed too.

I used the Flossie Teacake Pattern for the bunny's bed.  It was easy and I had planned to make many more of them but there is only so much time to do make things.  I wrote a little note on the inside of the sleeping bag wish Stella a happy first birthday. 

I made her an apron for her birthday too but maybe that will be another post.  Her 2nd birthday is in a little over two months.  I think I had better figure out soon what I will be making her this year.   I have too many ideas to chose from.  That is always my problem but it is a fun problem to have. 

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Country Maison (Eva) said...

This is all so lovely ! I love the matching items for your daughter and bunny and the bed, soo cute !!
As for cross-stitch it is a very slow thing I find too, but so lovely.
Cant wait to see the quilt you are making and also the cross-stitch sampler. . .