Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Special Delivery

I came home from work last night to a large cardboard box filled with notions, trims and all sorts of sewing goodies, and a bin of fabric!  My husband's godmother who is a realtor came across all the goodies in a home she was selling and held onto them for me.  They were delivered yesterday when I was at work.  The above picture is just some of the goodies that were in the box.  I could have displayed the items better to make prettier pictures but I am feeling super lazy today.  I would give in to the laziness but the kids need baths and dinner has to go into the crockpot.  So back to my goodies....

I am very excited about the ribbon.  It is so pretty and there is so much of it!  I am in the middle (well the beginning) of Luke's quilt so I think it will be a while before I use it.  I am really looking forward to making pretty things with it.


 There was a little cardboard box of old patterns.  Here are a few of them.  I love the holly hobby looking costume.  Stella has already been Raggedy Ann.  I hadn't thought of Holly Hobby.

And then the bin of fabric.  Boy I could have made the fabric look a lot better.  Did I mention I am lazy today?  There is corduroy, denim, home decorator weight and some other fabrics that I am not sure what they are.  

I think the woman who owned this must have passed away.  It is really something to go through her sewing stash.  There are tons of bias, fasteners, and zippers.  I haven't really had time to closely look at everything.  I have noticed the price on some of the fasteners is 15 cents so it must be pretty old.  Well I am treasuring and loving this woman's stash and wondering about her.  Did she make those costumes for her children?  for her grandchildren? nieces? nephews?  did she mostly sew for herself (there were adult patterns)?  I know she struggled like I do to fold the pattern neatly to get it back in the envelope.

Well I must drag myself out of this chair and tend to the things that have to get done today.  I think I will let the things that can wait (like folding laundry) wait.  Happy Wednesday!

Edited to Add on 2/11/13:  I found out more about the woman and the connection she had to my husband's godmother.  It is heartbreaking.  My husband's godmother was teaching 4th grade when 9/11 happened.  One of her student's mother was in the first plane to hit the twin towers.  She was nine years old then.  The mother's name was Susan MacKay.  Her family is/was selling their home and that is how my godmother acquired all the fabric and sewing notions.  I heard that they could have given it to Goodwill but are happy to hear that someone will be using it who loves to sew.  I am thinking of making them a pillow with some of the fabric and trim.  It is so sad it is hard to write about it but I thought that I needed to after posting what I had already written.  I didn't know anyone who died in 9/11 but now I feel like I do.  I still wonder if some of her stash was her mother's or grandmother's since it looks pretty old and she was only 44 years old when she died.  Maybe she had some of it since she was a little girl. 


Country Maison (Eva) said...

Oooh, what an exciting surprise you got last night. The ribbons are nice, will you make somethng with the fabrics ?

Suz said...

I love free sewing stuff!