Sunday, February 17, 2013

Before I Blogged Part 2

     Well Friday night I realized what I was doing wrong the cross stitch.  I was leaving little spaces between the crosses.  I felt like such a fool.  And then I tired to do more cross stitch yesterday afternoon but I realized I just don't enjoy it.  I'd rather be knitting, doing crochet, quilting, or sewing.  Those are enough hobbies I think.  I did finish my first mitten shell Friday afternoon.  I just don't have a picture yet.

     We are having a busy weekend.  Well it is busy for me since I just like to stay home.  I went to a sewing class yesterday morning to learn how to make children's clothing patterns out of clothes they already have.  I learned a lot.  Right now they don't really have any clothes that I would like to make patterns out of and I have so many patterns already that I don't plan to make a pattern like that right now.  But I learned a lot about sewing in general and making changes to patterns I already have.

The four of us went out to eat last night for the first time as a foursome.   I know some people go out all the time but we stay in for different reasons.  Going out to eat is expensive and we just didn't think it would be relaxing taking the kids out.  But we had so much fun.  The kids were so good and the pizza we had was delicious.  We just went to casual pizza place where you order at the counter but they make the best pizza.  We did a couple errands after and it was so much fun.

And tonight we are having friends over for dinner.  I am making a kid friendly meal.  The brownies for brownie sundaes are already baked.  The pork is in  the crock pot.  All that is left to make is the macaroni cheese and salad.  It is snowing this morning so it is feeling very cozy to stay in and bake.

So since there are no completed projects to show I thought I would show something I had made in the past.  This was made way in the past - 2006.  It is one of my favorite quilts.  

I made it while taking a class called Beyond Beginning Quilting.  I don't know what the pattern is.  I used mostly Kaffe Fasset fabrics with a few Amy Butler fabrics thrown in.  I made it to go with the colors in our living room.  I quilted it grid style with red thread and there is a story behind the quilting.

The instructor taught me to put lines on my quilt to use washable crayola markers because they come right out in the wash.  This was before I had kids and I assumed that all the crayola markers were washable.  I made one black line across the quilt and then it occurred to me that I should check to make sure that the markers were washable.  They were not.  There were many tears and phone calls to people asking for help.  My husband went to the grocery store and bought as much stain removal items as he could find.  We got most out of it.  I couldn't put it in the wash yet because it wasn't quilted and bound.  My instructor suggested I quilt it in red so that it would be dark and possible hide the black marker.  Well when it was all finished the marker did come out.  My husband loves to tell that story whenever anyone comments on the quilt.  And I am pretty sure I haven't used crayola marker on a quilt since but maybe I should try again.

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Country Maison (Eva) said...

Oh, it 's such a lovely quilt !!
In understand you about you not enjoying crosstitch.
Actually I'm making a post for next week along those line and how we can feel in the mood for one or another craft at different times of our lives. . .
Will you show us the book you got on the post ?
I love author Helen Philips !