Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stella's sacque

I'm so happy I finished Stella's sacque.  I think it maybe one of my favorite knitting projects I have completed.  It is delicate and soft and just so pretty.  It is not perfect but was my first lace project and even though it took forever (since August) on tiny number two size needles it was worth it.  My son actually broke one of the needles about a month ago and I scotch taped the needle to finish it.  Sometimes I am lazy about going out and getting supplies.  Details are here on Ravelry. 

My goal was to finish it by Friday because I start a mitten (stranded and lined) class on Saturday.  I am two days ahead of schedule.  Now I can try to finish Stella's jumper.  I'd love to have it finished by Saturday before the knitting class but I am not so sure that is realistic since I just started it.  And I kind of feel like I didn't give my kids enough attention this morning because I was so determined to finish this sweater.  So I plan to spend the rest of the day (once they wake up) reading to them, building forts, and maybe doing some toddler arts and crafts.  I feel so lucky to always have so much to look forward to.

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