Friday, January 4, 2013


Hello! Nap-time was very exciting today.  I tried blocking for the first time.  The other day I finally finished all the pieces of a lace sweater I am knitting Stella.  I don't know if you really call it a lace sweater but the pattern is definitely lace.  This may be the first pattern I tried that told me to block the pieces (or the first pattern that I paid attention to that instruction).  I was prepared since my mom bought me a board for blocking a few Christmas's ago.  I do hoard craft supplies but eventually they get used.

I watched a video on you tube and skimmed this page before I started.  I wasn't too nervous because the sweater already has so many mistakes (my no nervousness was certainly not because I am confident or anything like that).  I don't think I got the pieces wet enough before pinning them so I sprayed them after too.  My goal is too finish the sweater before next Saturday.  I start a knitting class that day to make mittens and learn stranding.  I will need to use all my crafting time to work on the mittens I think.  And the sweater is size 18-24 months so I definitely want to get it on Stella before she outgrows it.  All I have left to do is the collar and sew the pieces together.  Hopefully I will be posting the finished sweater this week. 

oh and that metal blob on my book?  I dropped my pretty light blue magnetic pin cushion last week and it broke.  I was slightly heartbroken.  That metal blob is what was inside and what I am using while I await the arrival of my new bright blue magnetic pin cushion.  I have some other Christmas goodies to post about - books and things I bought with gift cards for my crafts.  Most haven't arrived yet but hopefully soon.

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Kate said...

I love the blocking bit! It is looking great!