Monday, January 7, 2013

Baby Doll Stella Clothes

My plan this weekend was to make a new outfit for the Bitty Baby Santa brought Stella for Christmas.  I had bought this pattern before Christmas.  It is to make a 15 inch doll and doll clothes.  Bitty baby is 15 inches.  I started making it Saturday morning.  Bitty Baby's outfit she came in is missing and I was just really excited to make her something.  I thought after I cut out the pieces that they looked pretty small but I held them up to Bitty and thought they would work - I just kept the seams really tiny.  I was half way or more through the shirt and it was too tight.  I really loved the fabrics I picked out, had put some time into already and didn't want to give up.  So I thought I could turn the shirt into a dress for Stella's baby doll.  Instead of putting bias on the bottom of the shirt I added some more fabric to it to make it longer.  But it was too big to be a dress for her little bunny.  So I decided to make an outfit for Stella's baby Stella.  Baby Stella is a doll whose name on the box was Baby Stella.  She was a gift from her Auntie Annie.  The shirt pretty much fit her.  It looked a little low cut and funny around the shoulders but I had planned to make a bib so you can't see it.

I  followed the instructions for the panties.  It was tricky stretching the elastic for the leg holes but otherwise was very easy.  The shirt I altered only by adding the fabric to the bottom and adding a button to cover the Velcro stitching.  And I didn't even read the directions for the bib. I just sewed the two pieces together and sewed some baby ric rac on.

The bib is Aunt Grace fabric I bought at a quilt show last summer.  I love pandas.  And the other fabric is reproduction fabric that I bought at a store in Biddeford, Maine many many years ago.  It has four different patterns on one piece of fabric.  I also took out the shiny pink ribbons out of the Baby Stella's hair and gave her ric rac ribbons instead.  I was very pleased with how her outfit came out.

I think somebody else was pleased too.


Annette - "MyRoseValley" said...

How cute! Read your comment over at my place. Don't give up. Keep going. You make fantastic stuff and seem to have a never ending source of things to share. Some blog tips:

- If you want to make your pictures larger you can choose size S, M, L or XL at the grey field that appears when your picture is uploaded on your page. Larger pictures shows your creations better. You can also choose to left align or center align.

- Getting followers, leave comments. Don't fish for people to visit. Just leave honest and nice comments and people will come and see you. It takes a while to build up an audience but it will sure come. As well as the comments and support. :D

- Picture taking: Take pictures of details. Show yummy colors. People love eye candy!

I am sure this will take you far. Be patient. Write your journal for you. Or pretend to write a letter to a friend telling her about what you make.

I replied to your comment at my place. Thanks for visiting so often. I have added you to my blog list. I am officially your first follower I think. :D (Thought I had done that already!!!)

Christine said...

Thank you so much Annette! I just went through all my posts and made the pictures larger and I think it has made a huge difference. I haven't been trying too hard for people to find my blog yet because I was hoping to have more on it and have it be better in general. But I think I will get there soon with your advice. I am going to make a new banner too I think. I really appreciate you taking the time to check my blog out and leave all the advice.