Friday, January 18, 2013

lions, ladybugs, and mittens

Today I had planned to do some Valentine crafts with the kids.  We were going to make a wreath but then Luke took the Christmas wreath he had made (it is still out) and started to pretend he was lion.  I decided Valentine crafts could wait.  Instead we made costumes, wrote a play, and filmed it.  You will see if you chose to watch the play that Luke may have forgotten some of his lines but it is still pretty cute.  I love doing this kind of stuff and love the Luke gets into it too.  Stella just goes along with whatever we do for now.  So here is their play from this afternoon:

I didn't get to do any sewing today.  For me to sew on a weekday means that I have to get up before Stella does.  I try to get up around 4:15/4:30 so I can have at least an hour to sew.  Sometimes she sleeps later and I get more time.  Last night the kids were up all night.  I was so tired and slept in till 6:30 which is when Stella woke up.  So no sewing for me today which is a little disappointing as I am so into sewing clothes right now.  Occasionally I will bring my sewing stuff upstairs during nap-time and sew at nap-time but usually I just knit.  So here is  a glimpse of the knitting project I am working on. 


Eva Martin said...

My younger child is 2 and he also wakes up early , at 6am so I understand how you feel as the only time we might get for crafting is while they sleep . . . lovely knitting you are doing there with the blue jumper.
I can't knit so it looks as a mistery to me, I just do crochet.

Suz said...

Whoa... I can't believe you get up at that time of the morning! Crazy!!