Saturday, January 12, 2013

Music Box Jumper

I really have to work on my photography skills because this jumper is so cute and the picture just doesn't do it justice.  It is Oliver and S's music box jumper and it was so fun to sew.  I finished sewing it last night.  And there wasn't good light today but I couldn't wait to post the dress.  I used some nice fine wale corduroy.  And I can't remember where I bought it from of course.  I think it will go nice with the sweater I just made for Stella and then I am going to make the shirt for under the jumper.  That is why Stella isn't wearing it yet.  I need the blouse.  It isn't an Oliver and S pattern so I am worried I can't do it.  I have the most luck with Oliver and S patterns.  Hopefully I can start on it tomorrow but it may take me a while.  I have a few other projects in the works.

Today I started a knitting class to make these mittens.  I am hoping to learn to make seamless mittens and learn to do stranding.  It was a very fun class and I am really excited to be taking it.  I tried on the instructors mittens to determine what size I need and the mittens were so beautiful, soft and substantial.  I have never had mittens so nice before.  I hope mine come out.

I am also waiting to get the materials to start a cross-stitch sampler.  I will give the details on that later because I am a little frustrated it is taking so long for me to get my materials in the mail.  And then I have a lot of quilts in various stages but I haven't touched any of them since the beginning of December. 

And my son has been begging me to make a house with him so I had better go help. 


Eva Martin said...

What a lovely little dress. . .I'm hoping to make one (hopefully) for my daughter for summer...but it has to be a simple pattern as I'm only learning to sew.

Christine said...

The pattern is considered a beginner pattern and the instructions are really clear so I recommend it. I have been sewing for a while but I don't really know what I am doing and I consider myself a beginner. The only thing that could be tricky is the buttonholes in the back. My machine does automatic buttonholes and even then I don't place them perfectly. Luckily they are on the back. I plan to make one for the summer for my daughter (and not have her wear a shirt underneath). I want to do different fabrics for the top and the skirt. Oliver and S patterns are expensive but are really great because the instructions are so detailed.

Eva Martin said...

Thanks for this, I will check them out. The dress you made is lovely.