Sunday, January 6, 2013

apple picking dress

We are having a very fun weekend at home and I am getting a bit of craft time mixed in which is making me extra happy.  I will post about my weekend craftiness at another time.  Today I thought I would post about the apple picking dress from oliver + s since Stella just happens to be wearing it today. 

I made this dress for Stella's little red riding costume for Halloween this past year.  I had made the cape from little things to sew and had bought the apple picking dress pattern for her dress.  Of all the stuff I had to make for their costumes I did the dress last because I figured I could just stick in her in any dress and it wouldn't really matter (only just to me).  But I made it in time and was so happy with her homemade costume.  I picked out some cute apple fabric (sorry I can't remember who made it) at one of my favorite fabric stores the Portsmouth Fabric Company.  I chose the version with long sleeves since I figured it would be cold here in Maine on Halloween.  I would like to try the other version next.  If I remember correctly I was in awe that I actually made it and it came out okay.  The only thing I remember really struggling with and not being perfect (though I haven't noticed the imperfections today) were the bands around sleeves.  Those things at the end of her sleeves?  I don't know what they are called right now.  But they were tricky. 

Well it isn't quite noon yet so there is plenty of weekend time left that I plan to fully enjoy.  I am looking forward to more reading in forts and some nap-time knitting.  Good-bye for now!


Helen Philipps said...

Stella looks so adorable in the gorgeous apple picking dress! It is such a pretty style.
Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!
Helen x

Carmel Morris said...

I love Oliver + S patterns, they have such cute little details. I love the fabric you chose too. Perfect for a little red riding hood costume, and for wearing about in general too :)