Monday, January 14, 2013

Finger Puppets and Embriodery

We are puppet crazy in our house.  At least I am and Luke humors me.  I don't remember being that into puppets as a kid (other than Sesame Street and The Muppet Show) but now I can't get enough.  Santa brought the kids new puppets for Christmas and Grammy brought the kids this kit.

The book that comes with the kit has lots of great ideas and the kit has some good basic things to get started.  To make most of the puppets in the book one would need additional materials.  And we have plenty of buttons, felt, pipe cleaners and pom poms on hand.  The glue that came with it didn't work well holding it all together and all the other glue I tried didn't work well either.

I didn't see an age on the kit but three is a little young.  Luke has hard time with his scissors cutting paper (because he is only 3) so having him try to cut felt or pipe cleaners was tough.  And then the glue was so tricky.  But he still had fun.  I think if I just gave the materials and let him just play with them he would be happy.  I have to always remind myself that crafting with the kids is about the process not the finished product.

Above is my nap time crafting.  I am embroidering a collar for a blouse I am making Stella.  It is to go under the jumper I just made.  It is a New Look pattern (0153-I can't find a link-sorry).  When I saw this blouse from Oiliy I new I wanted to try something like that.  I really had no idea how to do it but my new friend Cricket helped me figure it out.  She is very talented.  So I am making bullion stitches.  I did one practice stitch on scrap fabric and I thought "oh it is easy".  But I keep messing them up on the collar.  This is why I only have three done.  Nap time was not too productive today. The above picture isn't too pretty so let me leave you with some Oilily eye candy of the look I am going for. 

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