Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy Stitching

I am enjoying making things so much right now.  For the past two weeks I have been taking an unplanned break from sewing clothes for my cuties.  I did a little work on a quilt but the most enjoyable crafting for me lately is making these ornaments and knitting.

The above is made from a kit by Alicia Paulson which I am sure everyone recognizes.  I still have the house to make for the complete set and then I have four other kits I want to make too.  They are so fun to make and I love how they came out.   It is also easier for me to work on these in little bits of time instead of lugging out my sewing machine to the kitchen table. 

These mittens are probably the most favorite thing I have knit (other than baby sweaters for my babies and those are partly my favorite for sentimental reasons).  They are lined and so warm.  And I learned a lot making them such as the i cord cast on and stranded knitting.  Details on the mittens are here on Ravelry  For a few years I was mostly knitting for the kids. This year I am really enjoying making stuff for me and wearing it too.  I love these mittens and my cabled hat and scarf so much  that  I dreamed about them last night.  In my dream large birds were trying to steal them and had them in their beaks.  I told my husband about it this morning and he said "Who makes your dreams, Beatrix Potter?"    Well we do read a lot of her here.


The Itinerant Seamstress said...

That little Christmas tree ornament is beautiful! I love the mittens too. I am a knitter, but haven't knit anything in forever. I'm going to go friend you on Ravelry!

Country Maison (Eva Martin) said...

I love, love your makes ! Sometimes and very much lately I need small projects as time is at a premium these days.
But I absolutely adore your mittens . . . as you know I have taken knitting lately and cannot wait to learn more about it.
By the way, I LOVE Beatrix Potter, have the latest film they made about her life and have her cartoons and books. . .

Elizabeth said...

I love those ornaments! And those mittens look so cozy. There are so many knitting techniques out there that I want to learn and just not enough time. And it's nice to know that other people dream about their craft projects! Your dream makes me want to pull out some more Beatrix Potter. We haven't read her in quite a bit.

Ock Du Spock said...

You are smart to start Christmas ornaments now! I never leave enough time to get everything done before Christmas. These are lovely!