Sunday, March 23, 2014

Jump Rope Dress and Toe Up Socks

I had some unplanned time away from my sewing machine due to us removing some gates in our home.  It felt unsafe having the iron and my sewing machine out at times.  But I've gotten use to it and am now sewing again.  It feels so good.  I think about how lucky I am to have so many hobbies that make me so happy.  I got a real rush finishing up this dress yesterday.  I really finished it this morning but I had a good idea what it looked like yesterday.

It is the Jump Rope Dress pattern from Oliver + S.  I made view B and love it even more than I thought I would.  I wish I could make one for me.  I used a thin denim from Joann's and some Liberty Lawn for the placket, covered buttons, and pocket bias.  I totally confused myself reading directions about transferring markings but other than that it went well.  Except maybe I didn't do the cuffs right but I just kept going.  I lose some patience towards the end of a project.  And I know the hem looks crooked in the picture but I don't think it really is.

I made my second pair of socks ever and my first pair of  toe-up socks. I took a great class at Knit Wit in Portland, Maine.   I put them on Ravelry but I don't know what yarn I used and the pattern is from taking the class so I have no details..  The toe-up way seemed so much easier.  I had an awful time picking up stitches with my first pair of socks.  These are kind of plain but I love them and will wear them.  I'm looking forward to making more but I have a long list of stuff I want to make for the little cuties first.  Maybe I can try to always have a pair I am working on, on the side.  I just worry that I won't finish.


Stella's birthday is coming up and I am making a lot of presents so I expect to have lots of posts this month and lots of happy sewing time. 


Masha said...

Awesome! View B of Jumprope is one of my very favorite O+S garments. Yours turned out really classic - I love the pop of Liberty on the placket. I've made two of these and never gotten the placket quite right.

I'm impressed about the socks, too - the only adult socks I've ever knit were worsted weight (not superwash either) - back when I was a knitting newb and didn't know why that was a bad idea. Making socks out of actual sock yarn feels much more daunting.

Little Crazies said...

Love how it looks! I bought the pattern long time ago but never made it. I think it looks daunting to me. But seeing all the beautiful dresses made out of the pattern makes me want to make it sooner than later! And such a great idea to accentuate with the Liberty fabric!

Elizabeth said...

I love the dress! And the colors are perfect as we transition to spring. The socks are lovely as well. I love purple. I've only made one pair of socks and those were baby size. They fall off my little guy's feet super fast, so I haven't been motivated to make more! But maybe I'll have to search out a toe-up pattern for me. And, I love the rug in the last picture! Did someone make it?

Ock Du Spock said...

Oh I love your jumprope dress! It's lovely!

motherof5 said...

I adore your dress, its so pretty.
Liberty and chambray, how can you go wrong?

And your socks, swoon, so pretty

Country Maison (Eva Martin) said...

Love the dress !! And Stella looks gorgeous in it !! She has grown so much !!
It looks very well made ad to fit her perfectly !!

And love the socks.My mum is also learning to make them with 5 knitting needles but at the moment I'm in the 2 needles knitting stage. . .

And I feel like you, lucky to make things and enjoy making them, and wonder what would I do if I did not have these hobbies !!!

Suz said...

Gorgeous! I love both the dress and the cosy socks!