Monday, February 3, 2014

Slow and Steady

Crafting lately has felt very slow but has been extra enjoyable.  I cut out this pattern (Liberty Jane Oxford Square Coat) and fabric right after I finished Stella's coat.  I found some small toggle buttons on Etsy and ordered them.  Then I waited for the buttons to arrive from Japan before starting.  The pattern was not for a toggle coat and was for an 18 inch doll (Bitty is 15 inches).  I just figured I would add the toggles like I did with Stella's and I figured that since it was for an 18 inch doll that the coat would just be a little big.  Well 18inch American Girl Dolls may be taller but I think they are leaner too.  This little coat is tight.  Doing the side seams was one of the last steps so it would have been difficult for me to figure a way to make it wider at that point.  Still it was very fun to make a little coat.  And even more fun is watching Stella play with Bitty in her matching coat.  She doesn't care if the coat is too tight.  

And here is Miss Maggie.  I'm sure everyone recognizes the beautiful rabbit from Posie Gets Cozy.  I bought the kit back in October.  If I had known how much fun it would be making her, I never would have waited so many months.  I will be giving her to Stella for her birthday at the end of April.  I hate putting her away until then.  

I've also been working on some cross stitch and some mittens.  I have a long list of things I want to make and/or finish for Stella's birthday plus I want to make her an Easter dress and a birthday dress.  One of the dresses will be smocked I hope.  I am taking a smocking class on the 15th.  I have so many things I am looking forward to doing.  

I am feeling a little guilt over not making as much for Luke.  I didn't make him any of his birthday presents last year.  I do have a sweater vest that I am working on for him.  I try to alternate Luke knitting projects with Stella knitting projects.  And Luke is always hot so it is really unlikely that he will get much use out of what I knit for him.  If anyone has any suggestions of fun things to sew for a boy please let me know or let me know what you tell you yourself so you don't feel so bad. 


Little Crazies said...

Ohhh! I've been eyeing Rabbit Kit from Posie Gets Cozy for a year now but none of my girls would probably play with it. :( Thus haven't gotten it yet. Maybe I'll just get it for myself. Yours looks adorable!

And that toggle coat for the itty baby is awesome! So much detail :)

Deb said...

Great idea making a matching doll coat. Nicely done...right down to the toggles. And the sweet little rabbit you made will be well loved for sure. I'm swooning over your knitting (in previous posts) and the sweater for Luke is going to be awesome. Good luck at smocking class, it's easy to do and very addictive!

Sharon said...

It's a very cute coat for her dolly! and yes the AM dolls are taller but leaner too, I find that about 1/2" wider added to a pattern will make it fit a dolly.(from the little things to sew tea party dress will not fit my daughter's waldorf doll either)Your does look wonderful though! I wish I had thought of making my girl matching coats. : ) and what a cute bunny!

Elizabeth said...

Matching coats! I love it! And Miss Maggie so sweet. I love handmade toys. Look forward to seeing the smocking! My mom made us some smocked dresses when we were young and they were so special.

Country Maison (Eva Martin) said...

Wow it looks you have been busy !!
I cannot wait to see the dresses you will make for Stella.

that is just so cute that her doll has a matching coat !

What are you knitting by the way ?

BTW also, I love your pillows and blanket on the background

Cindy said...

The matching coats are adorable! I love that shade of blue.:)

I would have a hard time putting away the rabbit too! It's so cute.

What kind of clothes does Luke like to wear best? I'm always less inclined to sew for my son because he's not as adventurous as my girls in what he wears.

The Itinerant Seamstress said...

The matching coats are too cute! I am impressed that you put so much work into doll clothes. Though if my kids got really into playing with dolls, maybe I would.