Monday, January 20, 2014

Cuties and Cables

Well I actually only have a picture of one of my cuties though I really should have taken my son's picture today too.  It would be a good reminder for me to not try to cut his bangs again.  I thought because I am crafty and use scissors a lot that I could do a good job cutting his bangs.  They are so short and uneven that my husband is going to take him to Supercuts tonight to cut the rest of his hair really short so that it will look normal.  Though I think he is really pretty cute the way he is right now. 

The hat and scarf are actually mine but Stella is oh so much cuter than I am which is why she is my model..  I have been wanting to learn how to do cables for a very long time.  I was so excited when I saw my LYS had a cable hat class taught by the designer of the hat(Dawn Catanzaro)The horizontal cable hat is a wonderful pattern and Dawn is a great teacher. I really love the yarn I chose.  It is Berroco vintage chunky which is a wool blend (wool/acrylic).  It feels great, was great to knit with, and is washable.  It is also a little more affordable than other yarns.  I may have chosen a different yarn for the hat but because I am now allergic to alpaca yarn I chose the Vintage Chunky.  And I am so glad I did.  While I was making it (back in December) I thought it would make a great scarf too.  I bought more skeins of the yarn( and actually used two)  and made a scarf.  I finished it Friday night just as I was starting to get sick.   

And since I was sick I didn't have the energy for much sewing this weekend but did manage to make a good start on Luke's sweater vest.  More details here

I was feeling better today and it felt so good to be able to give my children and home some attention.  Now my home and kids are clean and happy.  I also enjoyed making  Chicken Mulligatny Soup in the crockpot.  It was so good.  I'd share a link or the recipe but you have to subscribe to the website to get it.  Most of the recipes I make these days are from Cooks Country/Cooks Illustrated.  I use those recipes because I have paid for them by subscribing and because I know they will be delicious.  I think I have gotten my money's worth by now.  And I think I have turned into a picky eater/cook in terms of only wanting to make something if I am going to love it. 

Happy Making! 


Eva Martin said...

Wow !! Love the hat and scarf !! Looks so warm and comfy !! You are right, Stella looks just the cutest with your hat and scarf ¡¡ You are lucky she is not older as you would be left with no hat and scarf, he,he. . .

Love you new banner/header on the blog !!


Elizabeth said...

Oh no about the haircut! Luckily hair grows quickly, I guess :) I've been too scared to cut my daughter's hair, although with her slight curl it might be somewhat forgiving… or maybe not. The scarf/hat combo is cute and I love the sweater vest pattern. You've been busy!