Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year Sweater

Happy New Year!!!!!!!  I'm going to try blogging again and see how it goes.  I love Instagtram but I do love rambling a bit too and I kind of need my blog for that. 

I finished Stella's Happy New Year Sweater the other day.  It is so cute on her.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  It is a squishy warm sweater with a big collar.  The pattern is "Leaves or Not" by Karen Borel.  The details are on my ravelry page.  I opted not to do the leaves because I really wanted a Liberty fabric button and I thought the leaves would be take away from the button.  I want to put Liberty fabric buttons on everything now. 

So some year's I am into New Year Resolutions and some years I am not.  But this year in the past few days I have been thinking of a few things I would to try.  Here they are:

1. Of course there is the lose weight/healthy goal.  I won't go to into that because I don't want to bore you but I'll be 40 in 10 months.  It would be nice to be close to my old size before I became a mom.

2. Try to go back to my home not being a wreck.  It isn't really wreck but when I had one baby I did the suggested lower my cleaning standards thing.  And then I had an eighteen month old and newborn and lowered a little more.  Now they are 2 1/2 and 4.  I think I can try to have things look a little nicer around here.  So far so good.

3.  Make some doll clothes for my daughter.  I wanted to do this all last year and didn't.  I already ordered a pattern (I'll show next post).  And I really want to try to do some matching outfits. 

4.  Start no new quilts until I quilt the quilt top that  I already made Stella.  That quilt top I love.  The other ones I am so-so about so I am giving myself permission to not finish them. 

5. Finish Stella's Christmas stocking. 

Well,  I am going to try to do a little sewing while my kids are entertaining themselves.  I'll be back!


Elizabeth said...

The sweater and button are lovely! I've yet to venture into the world of liberty. So pretty but so expensive- maybe buttons are the way to go! Your 2014 goals sounds like a nice mix. E got a new doll for Christmas so making doll clothes is on my list too. And matching outfits would be so fun! Look forward to seeing your next post.

Little Crazies said...

Love the sweater! The color is very pretty and the button adds so much to it. And your daughter seems to love it. What can be better? :)
I also like your resolutions, especially the 2nd one.I need to do that too. I wish there were house cleaning elves that came with the house to keep it tidy. I'd pay them with cookies. :)

Cindy said...

The sweater is such a pretty shade of purple! And the Liberty button is to die for.;)

motherof5 said...

You knit? I am jealous. I adore the Liberty button.
xx N