Friday, July 12, 2013

New Dress

I love finding new to me blogs that I love and going back through their archives and seeing so many beautiful handmade items.  I was delighted when I found Floating World Views this past year.  I saw so many things I loved but I extra loved her Amsterdam dress .  I ordered the fabric right away and waited for it to get warm here.  I tried the paper fan dress pattern last week with different fabric and this week decided to make my own Amsterdam dress.  I love how it turned out.

The fabric is Heaven and Helsinki by Patty Young.  I couldn't find where they were selling it right now.  Sorry.  I trimmed the skirt part of the paper fan pattern to 10 inches long and then added the house border to the bottom.  I did all french seams and still managed to get it to fit all together.  I added baby ric rac around the center seam.  

I am knitting a little summer sweater that will look very cute with this dress.  I wish I had finished it up by now but I had put it on hold while I was getting caught up on my Woodland Sampler.  I am almost caught up with the sampler and  I will show pictures soon.  I really want to keep making Stella dresses but I really should make something for my Luke and work on some of the many quilts I have not finished.  Hopefully I will get back to my Patchwork Please book quilt so I can get back to the Zakka Along 2.0.  I am still waiting for my linen fabric to arrive from winning last week.  I can't wait.  And I am getting some Briar Rose with my gift credit that I won.  So many crafty things to look forward too!

edited to add -  Does anyone else have more adds lately with blogger?  I noticed today and when I had typed gift c a r d above instead of gift credit (I am spacing it so it doesn't do it again) - it linked it to an add.  Sorry if you clicked on it.  I am hoping it doesn't do it the way I typed it now.

edited to add (7/13/13) - We went sailing today.  I was too busy being sick on the boat to take pictures but I took these after:

7/16/13 - I am going to link up at Better Off Thread's Sew Cute Tuesday.


Cindy said...

The dress is so cute! I love the border on the hem.:)

I haven't noticed the ads but will definitely pay attention to see if they crop up on blogger.

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

Ahhhdorable! I love the houses print on the bottom.

made by ChrissieD said...

Stella's dress is adorable and I love how you've fussy cut that bottom border. I had a peep at the cardi on Ravelry - so cute and Stella looks gorgeous in the dress too :)

Yeka Dharmajanti said...

Oh Christine, the new dress is so cute! Last year I made one play dress too using Patty Young fabric:

Yeka Dharmajanti said...

Oh Christine, the new dress is so cute! Last year I made one play dress using Patty Young's fabric too:

Suz said...

Gorgeous Christine. love the fabric too!

nest full of eggs said...

That Amsterdam fabric is just adorable!!!