Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Friday

I should really be making dinner but I just felt like I was going to burst with happiness because I am in such a great mood.  I was going to post on facebook but I always imagine my friends rolling their eyes and going "oh please, another post about baking and quilts and cute children"  So it is a good thing I have a blog and can spare all my friends. 

First I need to update you on food.  I am about to make a really yummy dinner (easy Summer Vegetable Pasta and the Italian bread is already made).  I haven't made it before but I know it is really yummy because it is from Cooks Country and all their recipes are delicious.  I can't share it because you have to be a member to access recipes.  I signed up for the two week trial free membership planning to cancel my membership after the two weeks (because I am cheap not because the website isn't awesome - it is).  But I forgot to cancel.  It is only 35 dollars and I think it is worth it.  Cooks Country has product recommendations and ingredient brand recommendations too. And they test their recipes over and over again.  They also give a nice explanation about them too.  This recipe I made last week from another favorite food website and it was very tasty.

Last time I wrote I had all these plans of making tons of stuff for kids clothes week.  Well the heat here just made it so hard to sew.  It actually made me feel like I hate summer.  And I am not a person usually bothered by the weather.  We have AC in one bedroom but the rest of our home was so so hot.  And the sewing I did while sweating did not work out.  I messed a yoke up so bad (almost last step of one top) that I had to scratch the whole top.  And a pair of pants that I made first to go with the top ended up with a stain.  So now I am just working on an outfit for Luke.  I have a new plan so I don't rush and so what I make is better quality.  I am pretending everything I make is a gift.  So before maybe I would mess up a seam but you wouldn't be able to tell if my child was wearing it, I would leave it. Now I am fixing it.

And a little quilting update.  Tomorrow I am going to the Maine Quilt show.  I think it is my 5th time going.  It is my first time taking a class.  I am taking a needle-turn Hawaiin quilt class.  I still have to buy the fabric but I am hoping to make something like this

This  quilt is from the book Denyse Schmidt: Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration.  The class is all day with a two hour break.  I plan to look at the quilts during the break.  I won't have a lot of time but I will try to take pictures. 

And now for the adorable thing my adorable son did.  Today he was pretending to make his own shirt patterns.  It killed me.  Happy Friday!

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Cindy said...

Have fun at the quilt show!