Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bucket Hat for KCW

I could have named this the guilt hat.  I have been making lots for Stella lately and not so much for my little man.  He's been asking me to make him something.  I am going to make him an outfit too but I am waiting for the fabric to arrive.  I already had the fabric for this hat in my stash and the pattern is in Oliver and S Little Things to Sew.  The shark fabric I bought last summer at Joann's.  I am not that crazy about it but Luke is really into sharks right now and I new it would make him happy.  The lining fabric is bungle jungle by tim and beck.  I asked Luke if he liked it.  He response was that he thinks it should have a zipper so it can be a lunch bag.  Maybe next time.

This is the first time I am doing KCW.  I want to add a button or whatever they are called to my sidebar (not sure that is what it is actually called).  I just have to figure out how.  I didn't really plan on doing KCW.  I was going to work on my book quilt this week but Sunday I started thinking how I do have so many fabrics and patterns for kids clothes.  There aren't too many weeks left of summer here in Maine but I decided to go for it anyway.  Monday is the only day I work in the summer and it is a long one so I'm not sure I actually got an hour of sewing in yesterday (even though I was up at 4:30 to try).  I should be able to the rest of the week.  Today it is so hot at my kitchen table but I made myself finish the hat.  Hopefully it is cooler the rest of the week. 


Elizabeth said...

Up at 4:30- I'm impressed! And the hat looks great. It's so fun to see all these different KCW projects!

Elizabeth said...

Up at 4:30- I'm impressed! The hat looks great and it is so fun to see all these KCW projects!

Country Maison (Eva) said...

It looks great ! And Luke looks gorgeous in it !
Hope you are having fun during the summer !

marisa said...

I like the shark fabric and that colour is lovely on your son. I'm about to do some guilt sewing for my own boy - poor neglected thing!

Cindy said...

The hat is adorable!

Helen Philipps said...

The hat looks very cute on Luke. You have been sewing some lovely dresses too! Have a happy week.
Helen x