Friday, August 29, 2014

Sailboat Top and Pants

This week I have spent a lot of time thinking about back to school sewing,  shopping online and waiting for fabrics and patterns to arrive in the mail.  While waiting for things to come in the mail I needed a sewing project.  I really should have sewed the sketchbook shirt I cut out for Luke last June.  But I decided to make Stella an outfit instead.  While looking at my patterns I realized the Oliver and S Sailboat Top and Skirt pattern only went up to 3T so that made my decision easier.

I love the skirt but thought pants might be more practical.  Her preschool is at a gymnastics center and they do gymnastics each time she goes.  I figured pants would be better if I was going to have her wear this to school.

I made a size 3 for both the top and pants.  I didn't do any changes from the pattern.  I added a little lace to the top where you top stitch.  For the pants I cut the elastic to what was recomened for a size four  because I thought sometimes pants and shorts are tight around Stella's middle.  But I'll have to take it in because it is a little too big.

The top fabric is Fig Tree Butterscotch and Roses. The lace and buttons are from my stash.  The courdoroy for the pants is also from my stash.  I've had for over five years.  Some fabric I can date to before I had kids.  Actually a lot of fabric I can date like that.

I am very excited about the first day of school outfit I have planned for Stella and the lunch bags I am making the kids.  I'm still not sure about the backpack I'll be making Stella.  They start school in a week and a few days so I think I am going to start needing to set the alarm super early to get all this done. 

And a few modeled pictures ....


Sharon said...

I really love this outfit and the lace is just the perfect touch! She will look so lovely on her first day of school!

Cindy said...

Darling outfit, Christine! It's perfect for fall.

Inder-ific said...

Oh, I love both of these pieces. The Sailboat Pants are so practical and fun and they look great in cord. But I think my favorite here is the top, in a floral with lace! It's darling, and it's a combination I wouldn't have thought of!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, that is darling! I love the fall colors and the corduroy. I need to make another pair of these for O and I want to make the shirt for one of the kids because it looks so fun and I think it could be done out of a knit. Maybe? Good luck with those last back to school projects! I need to finish some birthday overalls for O and then maybe make a new outfit for E, but preschool starts next Tuesday so that is looking iffy.