Friday, August 22, 2014

Puppet Theater

I don't know where to begin writing about this item.  This has definitely been one of my favorite items in Little Things to Sew (probably tied with the penguin backpack).  I have thought about making it for a long time.  The challenge really motivated me (um.. at the last minute) to finally do it.  (Sorry about the wrinkly photos - I finished it yesterday and we have been keeping it rolled up when not in use)

I have always loved the look of the theater.  We also happen to be really into puppets in our house.  We have always been doing puppet shows and often making our own puppets.  We use to drape a quilt over a gate in our home and stand behind it to do  a show.   But it was time to take down that gate a few months ago.  So we really needed something like this. 

The pattern and instructions are wonderful. I thought sewing with canvas might be tricky but it wasn't for this.   I think we may have small doorways because it is really snuggled in there but it fits. 

Everything was from my stash except for the canvas.  Even though I have so much fabric I actually had a difficult time finding a fabric that I had enough of for the house that would look okay. Finding the other fabrics and the ribbon too was a little tough.  But I love how it all came together.

I wish the Little Things to Sew cover to cover challenge would go another year.  I still want to make everything in it.  I think the art smocks and aprons should be next once I have all the back to school stuff, halloween costumes, Luke's birthday items, and Christmas sewing completed.  So maybe I'll get to them in January.

I could write a few more paragraphs about how much I love this theater.  I think it is one of my favorite things I have sewn.  And my kids are so excited about it too.  I think I need to stop typing and go play with it right now. 


Deb said...

Fantastic! You did an AMAZING job! Now I'm motivated to make one after seeing yours.

I believe Shelly said the Challenge will keep going but she isn't going to do the upkeep on a spreadsheet.

marisa said...

This is just gorgeous, Christine. Well worth the effort. I really like the colours and fabrics you chose, too.

Sarah said...

Yours is so cute it inspires me to want to get busy on one!

Elizabeth said...

I love this! Maybe in a few years my kids will be into puppets and I will make this. I'm planning to keep making my way through this book, even if it takes a couple more years!

motherof5 said...

Oh wow, this is amazing!
Maybe I should make this for Christmas?
Clever you!

Inder-ific said...

Ooooh, I love the cottagey feel of yours, with the soft pastel, checked curtains, and flower boxes! So sweet!!

Lightning McStitch said...

Oh it's lovely! You've got flowers in your window boxes! yay!!!
It is about the most fun and clever thing you can make isn't it?
My sewing machine just broke down, so while I feel like extending the deadline, I'm going to handsew that bear puppet and finish in time. BUT I will keep the Flickr group going and continue to celebrate everyone's successful projects on my blog, it will just be an honesty system as to when you finish. Hope that's motivating enough. :)

Cindy said...

Your puppet theatre is adorable! I adore the flowers in the window box, curtains on the windows, and the doorknob on the front door. Such wonderful details!