Friday, October 18, 2013

this and that

I rushed to make this jacket because it was starting to get cold here but it has been really beautiful and and warm since I finished it on Wednesday.  But that didn't stop Stella from modeling it this morning in the park.  She was really excited to wear it.

This is the Serendipity coat from Make it Perfect.  The only hard time I had was with the sleeves when I was sewing the lining and exterior jacket together.  I gave up and finished it like it was a reversible jacket.  I was not very patient.  Next time I'll try to get help on doing it the right way.  The fabric is Get it Together Corduroy from Superbuzzy.  I couldn't resist the squirrels and acorns.  And since I was impatient to finish it, I cut the buttons off an old-too small-leather jacket of mine because I did not have the right buttons in my button drawer. Okay - the buttons aren't really in a drawer but spread out in a mess in my cellar.  They are suppose to be in a drawer. 


I made a size three thinking it would be a little big since my daughter is a 2.  It fits pretty good and feels a little snug when buttoning.  I may need to end up moving the buttons a little.


I was also busy Wednesday making Luke's birthday party invitations.  He turns four in November and this will be his first birthday party with friends.  We have only had small immediate family parties up until now.  Our place is small so we are having it at Michaels.  Michaels can only have up to 10 kids including Luke and Stella but I wouldn't want it any bigger.  Luke had many choices but that is where he wants it.  He just loves to make things.  Here is a picture of the invitation which lets you know what theme he picked.

I have a Cricut which I rarely use now but does come in handy at times.  I was pretty happy with how these came out given that I didn't spend too much time on them.  Luckily I only had to make six.

Here is some more random stuff that is important to me this week-

I  tried a favorite new recipe on Wednesday(it was a busy day).  The pumpkin pie milkshakes were perfect.  They are so easy.  I think I should make milk shakes at least every other day.  

My parents gave me their old iphone.  I opened the box this morning.  I am so excited to do Instagram properly,  instead of just stalking people on Instagram on my laptop.  The first two apps I downloaded where Instagram and Pinterest.  I can't say I am that interested in texting or calling people on the phone.  Does anyone know any other good free crafty apps? or recipe ones?

We love decoupaging.  And I love to do patchwork-like projects with paper.  We did the same thing as here but used a pumpkin shape.  Just looking at how young my boy looks in that post from back in February hurts my heart a little. 

Right now I am looking forward to some knit sewing, corn maze wandering, and new recipe making this weekend.  What are you looking forward to?


Anonymous said...

Pumpkin pie milkshakes- brilliant idea! And the coat is quite lovely and looks really cozy.

Cindy said...

The jacket is adorable! I was admiring it on Flickr last night.;)

I don't know about crafty apps and such but Joann Fabrics has an app. It comes in handy when I forget my paper coupons at home.

Looks like you have a lot of fun fall activities planned for the weekend! We're getting ready to head out to football (in the rain, no less) and then we're supposed to be attending a pumpkin carving party at a local park later today.

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

The girl and coat are both soooo adorable. I love the squirrel print! I didn't know it came in corduroy....nice.

Country Maison (Eva) said...

I have been away for work but back now.The jacket is adorable, I love the pattern and the fabric print, and Stella does look quite happy in it !

About seeing pictures of one owns children I feel the same when I see pictures of mine, and actually when I see pictures of myself from 5 yrs ago too, that hurts a little too . . .

Unfortunately dont know any apps, I got all the apple devices except for the iPhone !!


Little Crazies said...

The little coat looks awesome! I always want to make coats/jackets for my girls but then get scared of all the pieces that need to be cut and all the work that goes into it. Maybe one day... when they are in college. Haha :)