Sunday, November 10, 2013

I'm Back and Peter Pan Party

I did not intend to be away from my blog this long.  Things got really busy at the same time I became overwhelmed with reading so many blogs, checking Flickr, and Instagram.  I did barely any sewing during my break.  I made the Straight Stitch Society I phone case.  I'll get a picture for my blog to show and I finished a shawl for my mom.  I need a picture of that too.  I do have pictures of my son's 4th birthday.  So I will show that because I spent a little time making stuff for it.

The theme was Peter Pan.  I did look at Pinterest for ideas but I think the hats and party bags were my own.  I was going to do pin the feather on Peter Pan's cap but some website with party ideas (can't remember which one) suggested pin the x on Neverland.  I copied this map.  I looked at many different cakes to come up with one that worked for me. I tried to keep everything simple.  I realized earlier this week kids would need something to protect their clothing during the painting.  I used my cricut to cut out the peter pan shadow and just stuck the vinyl on the aprons.  It was so easy.  I also used my cricut to make the banner and the party hats too.

It was a fun party (or so I am told - it was a bit of a blur to me kind of like our wedding day).  I had the kids color while we waited for everyone to arrive. It was a young crowd after all.  Then the main project was to paint treasure boxes.  We then played the game.  Next was cake and then presents.  That was it.  People hung out talking while the kids played with the presents and then we had to leave.  We had the party at Michael's.  They gave us an employee to help with everything and she was wonderful.  I didn't realize how much work throwing a simple party (not even at my home) would be.  Luke really enjoyed it and that made it all worth it.

Back soon with some regular scheduled sewing posts!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a fun-looking party! We've yet to venture beyond family-only birthdays. Having a theme and coming up with crafts sounds fun (but a lot of work)!

Cindy said...

Looks like a fun party! Happy Birthday, Luke.:)

Country Maison (Eva) said...

Happy belated Birthday Luke !!
The party looks like fun !! Love the idea and I was thinking for having the kids making some crafty things at my girl's party but it is not until March so still have time to prepare. The cake looks yummy !!
I'm an all-chocolate person !

Thanks for sharing the pictures and experience !!