Friday, May 24, 2013

Horrible Picture Post

Sorry about these photos.  It is rainy and yucky here but I am in the mood to blog.  I mentioned before that I had ordered a Japanese magazine and a book.  The book is amazing so I am saving that for last (though I don't actually have pictures from it).  I am enjoying the magazine.  I haven't actually tempted to make anything without directions in English but someday I may give it try.

I think this cooler is so cute.  Our coolers are so ugly.  We go to the beach all summer and use a cooler all the time.  Our cooler usually gets all gunky and gross though so I am not sure I would actually want to bring a nice one.  I would be rinsing my hands all the time before I touched it.

Someday when I have a real laundry room maybe I could have something like this to decorate it with.  This would also be fun for Stella to have with her dollhouse when she is older.  This picture was actually one of the pictures that made me want to get the magazine.

When it comes to awful blurry pictures this is the worst but the pillow is one of my favorite items in the magazine.  One reason  is because I think I could figure out how to make it. 

And this book you have probably seen all over the place.  It is Patchwork Please by Ayumi TakahashiI love it.  I want to make everything in it.  I am starting with Books for Baby  quilt.  If you click on this link you can see the quilt in the book and other beautiful pictures from the book.  I am considering doing the Zakka Along 2.0 but I am thinking it might be too much for me.  I might end up rushing to make things and not do my best. 

Right now I am gathering fabrics to use for the quilt.  I also have a cross-stitch sampler I am working on and a sweater for Stella (well I am hardly working on it).  And lots of other projects on hold (mostly quilt tops).  I don't plan to be productive for the next week.  We took Stella's pacifier (didu as she calls it) away this morning.  It will probably be a rough sleep deprived week. 


Debbie said...

oh do please join us in the sew along! You can make the projects you want to, adjust them to suit your own ideas, and just follow along when you want to too. Gonna be fun!!

Kate said...

I love Cotton Time magazines, always so much in them.