Thursday, May 2, 2013


I didn't make anything Stella is wearing in this picture.  But I do love her outfit.  It is a top and skirt that my mom bought at JC Penney along with a pair of pink polka dot Boden leggings (also from my mom but I requested them for her birthday).  And I didn't make the tent for her playhouse either.  I really wanted to make a tent myself but have realized that I can't make everything.  So my Uncle was very generous with birthday money for Stella and  we splurged on the Land of Nod playhouse tent.  Do you want to know my justifications for the spulrge?  Well my kids are really rough with their toys and we needed a canvas/sturdy one that would hold up to them.  And we live in a small place.  So this is crammed in my living room not stuffed in a room I can shut the door on.  So if I am going to be staring at it all the time I needed a good looking one.  And I just love it.  Oh and the kids love it to.

So I don't know why I am bloging today.  I am not at home but am out so I am not crafting at the moment and can't show a picture of all the crafting things I am work on at home.  I just took this picture off facebook because I don't want to blog without a picture and it is such a cute one.  I tought it should be on my blog.

I am just so bursting right now with so many things I want to make and feel very happy about all the crafty things going on right now.  I woke up early today to work on Stella's sushi jacket before work today.  I love it so far even though I just started and can't wait to finish.  I am really enjoying looking at everything crafty online too.  I am constantly discovering new to me crafty blogs and such and it makes me so happy.  I wish I lived next door to or could hang out with everyone in person too.  So I guess I am just blogging to share my happiness.  I feel very fortunate.  And this spring weather and the plans of taking my little ones out for some sunny adventures are helping my mood too.

What is making you happy right now?

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Country Maison (Eva) said...

Stella looks gorgeous in that outfit, the outfit is lovely.
I love roses and flowers in everything so this one is really lovely !

Now, that is a coincidence . 3 years ago we got my daughter a little play house, it is not the same though. Ours is called Rose Petal Cottage, but they broke (my daughter and her little friend) half of it so we stored the other half up in the loft.
Last week I took it out again, assembled it and now my 2 children are having a ball playing with it again !! They just love it !

I'm glad to hear the tone of your posts, it reflects you are happy and getting a lot of craft time (maybe more sleep too ?).

I'm going through a work-busy period, my 2 children have been sick for the last week, last night I went with my daughter to ER in hospital (nothing serious, just a nasty rash with temperature). So the lack of sleep and lack of 'me' and 'craft' time, altogether is not the best. But I know this is a passing phase (hopefully) and I will be up and running again in no time !!

Your post cheered me up last night before I headed to hospital with my daughter (I was nervous too as I had never driven at night time on a motorway, but it all went fine in the end).

Enjoy your craft and child time !!!