Friday, March 15, 2013

New Magazine

Well I have a lot to say that doesn't have to do with the magazine.  So I will say it all first.  I had a post I wrote earlier this morning about my Easter decorations and I deleted it.  ooops.  Well I did it on purpose.  I love my Easter decorations but I am in one of those moods when I don't like how my house looks and you could see it in the pictures so I just deleted it.

I am also in one of the moods when I want to start 10 new projects and buy a lot of fabric.  I keep shopping for fabric and stopping myself at the last minute.  I should not buy fabric (or new patterns) right now for many reasons.  The most important (which should be our credit card bill but really isn't) is because in April I am doing the quilt shop hop in Maine and will be going in at least 10 stores.  Some of the stores I have never been in and may have nothing but some shops (like Alewives) I know to be awesome.

So I think I know why I am feeling a little unsettled.  I haven't had that much time to craft this week.  The time change messed up my early mornings and I had a different work schedule this week.  Stella didn't nap today.  I have been very lucky because for the past two months both of my kids have been napping at the same time for around 2 hours.  It wasn't always like that but it has been awesome.  I hope today was a one time thing.  I have definitely noticed that when I don't get to make stuff I get a little cranky and unsettled feeling.  So hopefully I can make up for it this weekend. 

I rarely buy the usual quilt magazines anymore because I just don't see anything I want to make. I'd rather save my money and buy a Japanese magazine. But on some blog (I don't remember what one)  I saw Love Quilting and Patchwork and that I could I buy it at Barnes and Noble.  So I bought it this week.  It is very inspiring and there are a few things I think I will really make.  So this magazine (which I have had for two whole days) is also why I have been wanting to buy more fabric. 

I may have just bought the magazine for the cover quilt (since I couldn't see inside before I bought it because of the wrapper).  I have seen that medallion on several blogs lately and have just thought it was a perfect looking quilt.  I don't like quilts that are too modern looking or have solids (and yes I do have a solid modern quilt I made that I need to quilt) but I thought this magazine had enough other stuff in it to make it worth my while.

So I will try to be a good girl, buying no more fabric until April and finishing the projects I have started.  Time will tell.....

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Just Sew Sue said...

I'm on the look out for that magazine too. I'm in London in two weeks time and I hope I can track a copy down there.