Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bunny Ears

I wanted to do a crafty Easter project with my kids but wasn't sure what.  I didn't want to spend much time on Pinterest figuring it out.  I actually go on Pinterest a lot less that I use too.  I think I subscribe to so many blogs now that catching up on them takes up all my computer time.  So I decided to google search paper plate bunnies.  I saw many ears like these so I though we would go for it.

Luke is just starting to use scissors so I did most of the cutting.  I just traced some ears and cut around them and cut around the plate.  I let Luke and Stella glue the pink part (scrapbook paper) of the ears on.  That was it.  For a 23 month old and three year old that was enough.  Luke's ears are already ripped.  And he looks like he is flipping me the bird in the second photo.  

I am trying to finish his Easter shirt and sweater.  I am not enjoying the collar part of the shirt but maybe I have it figured out now.  The collar seems so long.  But maybe it is suppose to?  Or maybe I messed up?  I am looking forward to working on Stella's Easter presents and finish Luke's quilt next. 


Cindy said...

Looks like a nice craft to do with young ones! I have to laugh at their expressions as the photos progress...I all too well remember those days!;)


Suzie said...

I love the crafting you do with your little ones. It's so important to mark the festivals and special days for them in a meaningful way. What could be better than inspiring their creativity at the same time.