Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Crafting Saturday

 My husband wasn't going to be around today and I felt a little sad about not getting to spend time with him but it turned into a really fun day.  I sewed these two doll quilt tops at the kitchen table this morning before the kids woke up. My husband was getting ready so I was able to talk to him while I sewed.  I usually have my sewing machine in the basement but I just haven't been wanting to spend time there.  It didn't use to bother me that I was in the basement but lately it does.  Maybe it is because the basement is extra messy lately.

 I cut the fabric for the quilt tops earlier this week.  They will be birthday presents for my Stella and my niece who both have birthdays at the end of April.  I am making the doll quilts from Helen Philipps book Simple Sewn Gifts.  They will get a lot of embellishing before they are quilted but I don't plan to pick them up again until after Easter.

Luke and Stella were playing their mega blocks before and after breakfast.  They actually used all of them and I thought that maybe they could use some more.  I gave Luke the option this morning of going to the store to buy more mega blocks or to stay home and make Easter decorations.  He is my boy. He chose to stay home and make decorations.  I cut the paper above with my Cricut and Luke glued it on the paper.  I punched two bunny holes and have it hanging with ribbon from a hook now. 

At nap time I was able to work more on Stella's Easter shrug.  I was knitting pretty slow because I was watching The Walking Dead.  I've seen an episode here and there with my husband (he watches regularly) but I just decided to start watching it from the beginning.  I knew that the show would make me a nervous wreck but there aren't many other good shows to watch.  And I knew from the episodes I had seen that it was well written and well acted. 

So back to the sweater.  The details are on Ravelry.  All I have left to do are the sleeves and collar.  It has gone very quickly and is super cute so far.  I have a cabled shrug pattern I want to make for Stella too but I need to knit something for my Luke next.

Luke has also requested that I make him a special shirt for Easter.  I told him he could wear his explorer vest when he asked me what he was going to wear.  And he said "no" and that I needed to make him a special shirt.  I am gladly taking recommendations of stylish easy fast boy shirt patterns. 

I just linked up at Plum and June's let's get acquainted which is over at Owen's Olivia this week.


Country Maison (Eva) said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the little quilt top you made, such a gorgeous fabrics !!
This is the kind of little squares I want to make for my first patchwork project. What size is each square ?

Adorable little craft your little boy is holding there.
We made pirate hats and a treasure map yesterday as my daughter is on that subject at school (don't ask me why...)


Just Sew Sue said...

Love the shrug. Sorry I can't help with pattern recommendations for the shirt.

Wendy Adams said...

Sew Cute and Crafty! Love the shrug, thanks for sharing.