Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Costumes 2013

Last year when I saw these costumes I knew I really wanted to  copy them for this Halloween. But  Luke had no interest in being a sheep.  I even had a homemade costume in the basement that I wore in the third grade that could pass for a sheep (I thought I was a bunny back when I was 8) but I had given up on the idea.  About a month ago I got Luke to agree to try it on and he loved it.  He is so in the moment.  It was great.  His costume just needed a little mending, hemming, and a tail.  And then I could focus on Little Bo Peep.

I thought about looking at that patterns I had already and trying to figure it out.  But I knew I didn't really have the time or energy to that.  I purchased Simplicity 2571 which was for four different Halloween costumes including Little Bo Peep.  I actually think the picture on the cover of the pattern doesn't give justice to the pattern.  It is really cute.   I should have taken better pictures of what I sewed so you can see it better.  Did I mention I don't have much time or energy right now?  The little pants have ruffles all around them.  The apron came out a little a big but I thought it was cute like that making Stela look more little.  I love the hat and it was really easy make like the rest of the pattern.  The dress didn't take too long.  The zipper came out okay.  I have a little gap at the top but it is a Halloween costume so I didn't sweat it.  I bought an unfinished cane on ebay and painted it white.  By the time this picture had been taken after lots of running and walking in the rain the bow wasn't looking so good and fallen down a bit.

Stella and Luke love their costumes.  What is also nice about both of these costumes is that I can put warm clothes on underneath them.  Halloween night can be real chilly here in Maine.  We had the Harvest Day costume parade last weekend.  They will also get to wear them to school.   I love the costumes getting worn in daylight at other times so all that sewing isn't just for one dark night.

I am looking forward to seeing more handmade costumes.  Are you sewing for Halloween?


Elizabeth said...

This is so fun! I love that you were able to convince Luke to wear the costume you already had! E had her heart set on being Anna from Frozen. I tried so hard to offer up other, interesting suggestions but nothing stuck. It has been a pain to make- I've altered other patterns and really wish I could have gone the purchased pattern route! O is going to be a moose because his favorite book is "The Elusive Moose." I'm just going to alter the LTTS hood and make him a little brown sweater. Halloween has me exhausted already! It must feel so nice to have your costumes done! And sorry for the essay I just wrote here :)

Deb said...

Awwww…your kiddos looks so cute! Bo Peep and her little lamb couldn't be sweeter.

I suspect that instead of traditional witches or ghosts, Hallowe'en night will be full of Elsa's and Anna's!

I'm making 2 Anne of Green Gables outfits; one for the class party and one for the big night.

Studio 92 designs said...

They look so cute. Too bad we don't have Halloween over here in the Netherlands, because I would love to make some crafty things such as cards, decorations etc. for Halloween.

Cindy said...

They are adorable! I love it when siblings wear costumes that are part of a theme.:)

I'm not sewing costumes this year...I passed the honor on to my Like Deb said, there will be a lot of Anna and Elsa's out there as that is what my girls (and I think every other elementary aged girl in the neighborhood) are dressing up as for Halloween.

Annette - MyRoseValley said...

Dear Christine
HOw are you. I remember you. I pop in time to time. I watch your little ones grow and how your sewing skills grow along with them. YOur comment on my blog today was very heart warming. I am so pleased that I have been an inspiration to you. That I still am. because that is what keeps me going. And just like you I started out with babies dangling from the leg of my trousers while posting a new granny square or potholder I managed to put together during nap time. ANd then the children became grew, and my blogging too. ANd my confidence and I started to sell what I made, and then I open up my yarn shop to sell my favorite Swedish yarn and then someone told my to make crochet patterns and I did and I am doing it. Successfully. It is fabulous. And now, when the youngest is 7, I feel life turning in my direction again. It is time for me and my dream career, it is time for me and husband to start dating again. It is exciting. And then you write me and I can only say _ well done so far! Keep going. Jot down those ideas of yours. Take risks, experiment and do it. Because you can. And when you are ready, take the Blogging Your Way course too. It is intense, almost a bit to much (at least if you have kids around) but it makes you grow so much.
All the best and to make sense commenting here instead of replying to your comment: Those Halloween Buggers are adorable. Wish they could knock on my door and I would give them heaps of candy. :)

Country Maison (Eva Martin) said...

Cute, cute !! and you always make adorable costumes for little kids. . . Love them,