Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthday quilt and Bear Carrier

I finished Stella's birthday quilt about a week ago.  It is one of the easiest and least creative quilts that I have made but one of my favorites for sure.  I saw a sample of this quilt made in local quilt shop (Kathie's - a beautiful shop-click on the link and see how pretty it is) a couple years ago.  It was love at first sight and I knew I wanted to make one for when Stella is in a big girl bed.  The fabrics are from Cabbages and Rose Athill range and the pattern is Turning Twenty again.  It is such an easy and fast pattern.  Nothing has to match up and it really shows off the beautiful fabrics.  It is the biggest quilt that I have machine quilted so I just stippled to keep it simple. 

Stella is still in her crib so I threw this on our bed to take a picture.  I would have tried to take some better pictures and make our bed look nicer.  But I had to lock the door so Stella wouldn't see it and the kids were pounding on the door because they know when ever I lock a door and immediately decide they have to be in the room with me.  At some point I decided this would be one of her birthday presents since she does love quilts and blankets and things I make for her.  I can't wait to see what this quilt ( bigger than a twin but less than a full - I can't find the pattern to tell you the dimensions and I can't get it out right now to measure) will look like on Stella's bed when we get it.  I would love for her to have a bed like this (but in cream or antique white).

I usually don't make labels.  I have seen so many on Instagram lately that I was inspired to do one especially since the quilt is  for my best girl.  I am pretty sure that  I will continue making labels.  It makes the quilt more special I think. 

I also finished the bear carrier (which will likely be a baby doll carrier) from Little Things to Sew.  I loved the pattern.  It was quick and easy and I love how it came out.  It doesn't use much fabric so I used a small piece of Liberty Lawn I had with a solid from my stash.  It is for Stella's birthday but I had to have her try it on to make sure I put the Velcro in the right place.  I felt bad misleading her but I led her to believe that the carrier is not for her because I want her to be surprised on her birthday.  She did seem to like trying it on and I did get one blurry shot with my phone. 

Next post will have some matching tea party dresses in it and if I have time, a little lamb (more birthday presents) .  I am really excited for more birthday sewing and for Spring and Summer sewing too.  There is a lot to look forward to!


Masha said...

" because they know when ever I lock a door and immediately decide they have to be in the room with me."

Ha ha, your kids must be psychic, just like mine! This gave me a laugh. The quilt is beautiful and i just love the label! The bear carrier is adorable too.

Country Maison (Eva Martin) said...

Wow !! I'm just so impressed with your quilt and what a lovely keepsake it is for Stella.
And I love the bed you have picked it will look adorable, a princess room !!

I agree with you, labels make quilts even more special when they are made for someone you love and they are going to be kept in the family for years to come.

Love the bear carrier, it is such a good idea !!

Stella is such a lucky little girl to have such a sweet mum !!


marisa said...

What an AMAZING birthday present for lucky Stella - the quilt is so beautiful.

Helen Philipps said...

Such a sweet quilt for Stella! I am sure she will always treasure it. The baby carrier is a cute idea!
Wishing you a happy day!
Helen xox

Cindy said...

The quilt is lovely, Christine! The colors and prints of the fabric are so pretty.:) I had to do the same thing when I made a bear carrier for my girls. I felt bad misleading them but I really wanted it to fit perfectly when they opened their gifts.

Elizabeth said...

Such a lovely quilt! I'd love to make a quilt for E (I even have some fabric set aside) but picking a pattern and getting going has been tough. I love the colors you used! Hope Stella's birthday is lovely!

Ajka said...

Wow, this is amazing quilt!