Sunday, September 15, 2013


Yesterday was so fun.  I took an intermediate sewing class and started working on Stella's Halloween costume.  And I was the only one is the class so it was more like a private lesson.  Part of the fun was just talking to my instructor.  I just love being around others who sew and make things.  And I learned a lot too.  I feel much more confident now doing an invisible zipper.

To show my appreciation to my husband for letting me out of the house, I made this yummy breakfast. I used cinnamon bread.   When I came home from my class it was naptime.  Naptimes on the weekend are really special when my husband is home.  We get to watch TV together.  The kids stay up so late in the evening (8:30-9:00) that these nap times are the only time Matt and I can hang out on the couch together.  I cross-stitched while we watched Breaking Bad (I love that show and will be sad when it is over).  Then both cuties woke up but then both fell back asleep on us on the couch.  So we got to watch more TV and have them sleeping on us.  I loved that even more than cross-stitching.

It is a beautiful fall day here today.  I would have loved to take the kids to the playground or go apple picking.  But my asthma isn't good after the cold I had last week so I thought it was better for me to stay home.  Even though we were indoors I thought we could still do something to celebrate fall.   This summer the majority of the kid crafting was unstructured- what ever they felt like- crafting.  I think that kind is the most important.  But we all enjoy doing planful projects with a cute finished product too.  So I decided we were making scarecrow decorations today.

I love using toilet paper and paper towel rolls for crafts.  We used yarn for the hair and cupcake liners for the hats.  Duct tape holds the hair and hats together and is used to attach the hair  to the head too.  I was going to use scrapbook paper for the clothes but when I was in the basement looking for paper I saw my huge basket of scrap fabric.  And fabric makes more sense for the clothes anyway.  The kids again used Duck tape to adhere the clothes.  I stabbed holes for the kids to stick the pipe cleaners in for the arms.  I was going to have them draw the eyes on, but Luke suggested googlie eyes.  Why didn't I think of that?  The smiles are marker.  And for the last touch, they tucked straw in the shirt.  Okay it really isn't straw but dead chives from my herb garden.  Close enough. 

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend too!


Kimee Paradiso said...

I chuckled when I read that last bit about the dead chives! ;) It works! Cute projects :)

marisa said...

Very impressive scarecrows! We too have a family of toilet roll folk that my daughter made (with a bit of assistance) and loves to play with. Isn't it a great way to use up fabric scraps!

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

So cute. The googly eyes were a good call :)

Amy Morinaka said...

Those scarecrow decorations are so adorable! I too, love using recycled materials around the house to craft with the kids. You have a wonderful, loving family, Christine!

Country Maison (Eva) said...

I missed this post of yours !!
I have loved reading about your weekend and you are lucky your kids do nap. My 5 yr old daughter stopped napping at 2 and now my son Marc (2 and 8 months) does only nap at playschool but not at home as his sister is around and he wants to play. . . but it is always fun to craft with kids. I love the scarecrows !!